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Bespoke Manufacturing

At A-Chem Ltd we recognise that you have individual requirements as a customer and therefore offer a personally tailored service whether it be a different colour/fragrance requirement, product matching, or you simply have an idea you want to take to market.  

Our dedicated team can offer you the following from surprisingly low quantities:


  •  development
  •  labelling assessments
  •  health and safety data sheets
  •  own labelling design
  •  packaging
  •  delivery direct to your customer with your own paperwork if required (minimum amounts applicable)

Minimum Quantities

Our minimum requirements generally start at a very modest 400 litres, although this can vary according to the complexity of the blend and in some instances the minimum amount may be more.

Our development team have over 75 years' experience working in various 'arms' of the chemical industry.  This experience offers a deep understanding of multiple markets and aspects of the process from developing to manufacturing a finished product.
ASSESSMENTS for Labels and Health & Safety Data Sheets

All blends are assessed using one of the industry's most highly regarded software systems.  The comprehensive support and guidance we receive from the technical support team enable us to supply chemical products into the consumer market, drawing on specialist expertise and knowledge of local, national and international legislation, ensuring our customers remain one step ahead.

All products are packed in high density plastic packaging as standard.  Whilst this may cost a few pence extra, we firmly believe the investment is worth it as it enhances the appearance of the product on the shelf.  We offer the following sizes:

  • 1 litre
  • 5 litre
  • 25 litre
  • 205 litre
  • 1,000 litre

Depending on quantity we can also offer 500 ml, 750ml, 2.5 litre, and 10 litre.

Whilst our containers are appropriate for the industrial market, for larger quantities (in excess of 2,000 bottles) we can offer more retail packs if this is of interest to you, please speak to us and we will offer price guidance.

Label Design

We offer four levels of label design:

  • Bronze: A template based label design, which are available in Standard (Black & White), Blue, Green and Red variations. These labels can accommodate your company logo and details if appropriate. These labels are offered free of charge and are provided with a front label which contains all product descriptions, directions of use, health and safety and company details. 
  • Click HERE for examples of Bronze labels.


  • Silver: A full colour in-house label design, to accommodate your Company colour scheme and logo if appropriate. Any images/company imagery provided to us may be included in the design. These labels are offered at a small fee of £50 per set which includes one front or front and back semi-bespoke label design with flexible graphic areas which can be modified to your company image and spread over a range of 5 different labels for the appropriate product ranges.
  • Click HERE for examples of Silver labels.


  • Gold: A range of labels that offer a professional finish to any product within our range; we simply would input your Company information, logo and product name.  These labels are offered at a small fee of £100 per set which includes; 5 front labels and 1 back label designs which cover the whole A-Chem Product Ranges. For example under the Automotive range the designs cover; Bodyworks, Engines, Interiors, Screens and Wheels, with one back label design (which can be spread out across every product) but please bear in mind that these labels are also offered to other A-Chem customers, so would not be unique to your Company. 
  • Click HERE for examples of Gold labels.


  • Platinum: We have negotiated extremely competitive rates with one of the industry's leading graphic designers to develop a fully bespoke range of labels which will allow us to provide professionally designed labels at an affordable price of £200 per set. This fee includes a full bespoke designed set of 5 front labels and 1 back label, and also time with a member of our sales team to help reflect your company in your label design. The quality of these label designs is truly outstanding.
  • Click HERE for examples of Platinum labels.

For terms and advice of our label design options in regards to minimum quantities required, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team; who will be happy to assist you.

Quotation and Delivery Charges

All Quotations are provided by email if possible, and are quoted ex-works.  Whilst we can offer the service of delivery direct to your customer using your own Delivery Notes, and using an outside haulier for complete confidentiality, this is subject to minimum delivery requirements.  If this is of interest, please speak to us for further information.

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